lofoten, norway, july 2012.

i cant believe i used to hate lana del ray like that was a mistake on my part


sext: Really care abt u and ur feelings

im really happy with my haircut tbh

sunshinychick replied to your post: My outfits are too real

you always have the best outfits where do you shop??

thank you! i do most of my shopping at plato’s closet because cheap and target because i work there. I actually own more clothes from target and forever 21 than anything else, charlotte russe is a pretty good inexpensive place too! 

My outfits are too real

im the happiest girl in the world rn 

look at me

Jonathan Rieke


jesus came again and so did i (= <3 

im the happiest girl in the world rn 
We are hella cute
wait heres a pic of my me &amp;my new haircut ft. lady bug